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A production company that specializes in premium content,
where beautiful visual pieces are essential.

We believe

As artists we are responsible for giving untold stories an outlet,
and taking the necessary steps to make a cultural impact.

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Who We Are

We are a hub of creative individuals working
in multiple facets of the industry.

Our team is full of directors, producers, writers,
and cinematographers, with a roster of talent
and a working crew at arms reach.


Decade One is a prestigious production company associated with
a multitude of top brands and distribution outlets.

Inventive story telling

DecadeOne specializes in quality stories. We move people, we talk about subjects some of the big studios would shy away from, and we give unknown writers an outlet to let their innovative stories be told.

Artistic vision

Every visual story with DecadeOne has an intentional vision. We use color, lighting, and cinematography to accurately depict tone and ensure the audience walks away having felt something.

Creative Collaboration

The best part about working in the entertainment industry is working with individuals who have their own visions and diverse talents. Every piece of work has been touched and impacted by multiple experts in their respective creative art.

Our Process

We will take your project from Briefing the script and concepts to Pre Production with casting, locations and set design, then specializing in Production with our in house directors, DPs, and producers, and finish off with post production editing, color grading, and sound mixing.

Our Work



Commercial, Episodic


Table Top, Live Action

Music Vision

Music Videos, Studio Recording


General Inquiries: info@thedecadeonegroup.com
Submit your resume: info@thedecadeonegroup.com
Phone: (747)262-7453

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